Designed For Construction & Engineering Contracts

Achieve profitable growth, operational efficiency and improved cash flow

In an increasingly digital marketplace, innovation in record keeping and timely notification of payment applications, variations, change orders, delay and disruption, are critical to improving cash flow and turnover. Our system provides streamline steps to record and notify all contract related matters to cultivate convenience with prebuilt and automated workflows incorporating the conditions of contract.

Create an exceptional user experience with a balance of prebuilt models and flexible architecture to support all the ways your staff record and submit contractual notices. Ensure efficiency by automating the recording and notification process.

Remote working practices are becoming normal business procedure, and our remote technology application allows senior management to monitor site records and contractual notifications from any location.

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Seamless Incorporation with all contracts

  • NEC

  • JCT


Manage Risk, Early Warning Procedures and Time Bar Clauses

Senior management have real time monitoring of contract records, notifications and compensation events raised, along with correspondence between design teams, employers, subcontractors and suppliers.

Effective in any industry where contracts for manufacture, supply and installation exist, and where changes occur within these processes.

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Designed For Construction & Engineering Contracts

  • Automate site recording and contract notification processes for payment applications, variations, delay and disruption risk and costs
  • Incorporates all forms of contract for automated contract notices
  • Overcome the pitfall of contract TIME BAR clauses
  • Threaded correspondence chain
Integrate with document management and programming software to provide digital innovation and efficiency in a rapidly changing industry.



User-friendly interface displays all information per project, allowing managers to assess progress and to view the quality of the record keeping, correspondence sent and received, and any outstanding actions required.

Managers can review the system remotely saving time and maintaining contract administration standards.

Digital Diary

Simplify configuration and promote efficient contemporaneous recording of daily onsite operations. Prebuilt processes save time and increase detail. Digital prompts and drop-down menus encourage the user to add the maximum level of information. Site labour, material and plant can be recorded per location and task, to be used to assess downtime in delay and disruption events. Notification of delay and disruption are recorded on a risk register for ease of retrieval.

Automated Letter Generation

Be more efficient by automating the contract notification process and reduce reliance on legal advice, produce contractually correct letters prebuilt to contain the relevant conditions of contract, clause references and notification requirements. All generated correspondence can be reviewed and approved by senior management before electronic transmission to the relevant party. Automated ‘countdown’ warnings make the ‘approver’ aware that a time-bar clause may be active. Increase productivity by standardizing contract notification procedures and eliminate manual errors in handling correspondence.


An integrated email system sends the correspondence to relevant parties and receives external emails, allowing all related correspondence to be stored within the system and facilitate the ‘countdown’ requirements of some contracts to record the response time of design teams and project managers. Notifications and related emails are ‘threaded’ together to facilitate ease of retrieval.

Action Reminders

The system facilitates the accurate recording of information, reminders, countdowns and email alerts, to keep teams aware of any outstanding actions.

Cloud Storage

Documents, photographs and related correspondence are saved onto a 'cloud' for 24/7/365 retrieval. Developed as a ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service) and contains the entire software infrastructure necessary to provide uninterrupted service and access from any computer with an internet connection.

Secure Data

Hybrid cloud SaaS hosted in UK-based Tier III data centres with hourly back-ups and encrypted data transfers.

System Benefits

Cost Effective

Reduce the requirement for legal or expert contractual advice by providing contractually compliant correspondence in accordance with the conditions of contract. Standardizes contract administration and contractual notification processes, reducing the margin for human error. Easily used by less experienced staff, minimizing onsite costs whilst increasing the quality of record keeping, notification and management of compensation events.

User Friendly

Intuitive operation with ‘drop down’ menu based processes designed to minimize manual input and reduce the administrative process and time. Allows senior management to monitor the project administration and notification processes.

Time Bar Clauses

Overcome the problems associated with these by providing ‘count down’ warnings to send contractual notifications on time and in accordance with the conditions of contract.

Bespoke Company System

Adaptable to suit individual company requirements to implement company-wide standardized contract recording and notification procedure and can be extended to include other notification procedures such as set-off, contra-charges and claims management. Open to API development

"Cashflow is the life blood of the construction industry"

Lord Denning Quotation in Modern Engineering (Bristol) Ltd. v. Gilbert-Ash (Northern) Ltd. (1973)

A positive cash flow is essential for a profitable business and costs incurred due to delays in the construction, engineering and manufacturing processes should be quickly recouped rather than left to final account stage.

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The system operates on a setup cost and an annual user license fee per project, which is determined by the number of licenses purchased and the duration of each project. No need to buy software and no complicated set-up and installation. Software as a Service, subscribe online and obtain full access to all the functionality and services required.

  • Store records on line.
  • Send and receive unlimited letters.
  • Keep emails, site records, data and photographs in one location for ease of retrieval.

Users can normally use the system features from a short video. The setup includes installing the particular conditions of contract, client/employer and agent contact information and the time-bar notification periods allowing the user to commence operations immediately. On-going support by phone and email is included.

Discounts available for multiple systems purchased Contact us for pricing details.

The system is fast, efficient and lightweight for users, allowing intuitive progress minimizing any training requirements. The setup is provided by us. On-going support by phone and email is included within the user license fee.

Diary Entry

Day to day activity of the project will be recorded and saved in a secure environment cloud. All project site activities can be monitored remotely from any location.


The Dashboard provides a picture of the project and it's functionality.


The Inbox will bring all external communication in to the system via email.


Automated contractually compliant correspondence.