Compensation Management and Notification System

No need to buy software and no complicated set-up and installation. Software as a Service, subscribe online and obtain full access to all the functionality and services required.

  • Keep unlimited records
  • Send and receive unlimited letters
  • Keep unlimited emails, site records, data and photographs (depending upon storage space rented)

The system operates on a setup cost and an annual user license fee per project, which is determined by the number of licenses purchased and the duration of each project. The system is fast, efficient and lightweight for users, allowing intuitive progress, therefore minimizing any training requirements. Users normally learn the system features from a short video. The setup includes installing the particular contract details, including client/employer and agent contact information, the conditions of the form of contract and the time-bar notification period, allowing the user to commence operations immediately. On-going support by phone and email is included within the user license fee.

Diary Entry

Day to day activity of the project will be recorded and saved in a secure environment cloudy. All project site activities can be monitored remotely form one location.


Dashboard will give you the big picture of the project and it co functionality , each user will have their own dashboard according to their needs.


Inbox will bring all the out communication in to the system via email. It will be the major benefit for the client and the project team..


Each compensation event , the letter will be create automatically and give a chance to amend by the high rank officer if need.

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